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Awesome job, Reinhardt. 95%+ what a result! It was my best decision to invest in you 🙏


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Thank you for your consistency and vision Reinhardt. Deciding to copy you and HODL has been the best investment decision I have made on eToro. Kudos!


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I've actually been following you for two years...  Thanks for your commitment, responsibility, and professionalism. 


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Always the best to copy u, been 2 years and your profit is still the best


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@reinhardtcoetzee Just want to congratulate you for the recent results. 


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@reinhardtcoetzee Thank you! You have done fantastically so far. Loving the fact that I am copying you.


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Goodness, @reinhardtcoetzee , you're on fire! My copy trades from you are booming...


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Just wanted to say thanks for the great work you're doing. I've been copying you since I started doing eToro and I'm almost 30% up with you. This is some solid trading that you're doing so I just wanted to give you a shoutout!



Guide includes:

  • A payment platform company being adopted by the vast-majority of businesses moving online.

  • A fast-accelerating tech start-up enjoying spikes after huge demand for its products and services.

  • A company responsible for securing businesses fast-moving to the cloud.

  • A cash-less payment processing provider that is leading the charge on digital versus cash payments.

  • A software company that has enjoyed a huge boost over the past few months, promising even greater growth in the future. 

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